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Dogtown Lights – Audio Reactive Seating
Cathedral to Aquatic Sonification – Immersive Installation
Sunday MASS – Mechanism for Actualizing Speculative Soundscapes – Live #NautreSound Performance
Isle Royale – Listening Beyond the Edge
Buoy Music. 2020 Reboot. More Sensors. Better System.
Hear Below: Listening to Chicago Underground.
Isle Royale National Park. Artist-in-Residence Website.
Critical Listening in a Divergent Wilderness. Workshop in Joshua Tree National Park.
Listening Bus Tour. Ames, IA
Acoustic Ecology @ Iowa Lakeside Lab on Iowa Public Television
Water Quality Xylophone
Based on a True Story: From Rural Northwest Iowa to Downtown Des Moines
Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism
Listen Right Here: DSM. Des Moines Art Center Iowa Artist.
Parts Per Million [Interactive Cassettes 01]
Listening Instruments Invention Workshop and Soundwalk @ the Des Moines Art Center
Listening in Bogong Village Cassette
Heritage Listening @ Black Contemporary
Solo Exhibition: Grand View University
Buoy Music: Sonification of West Okoboji Lake Monitoring Data
Listening Walk. Mt Beauty, Victoria, Australia
Junction Dam. Listening at the Intersection of Nature & Community
From Memory: Liver performance of Sonified NASA Solar Data
Sonic Fictions & Sonic Forms Workshop
Alert Fatigue
Noisolation Headphones
Synesthetic Din
See Also: Noise. Cassette Release.
Synesthetic Din

What if the needle moved instead of the record? What if the separation between playback device and instrument merged? Using individual sounds created from various spots around the city of Los Angeles, this invention turns a mobile device running the Synesthetic Din app into an instrument for the manipulation of track playback. Loaded into the app are three noise “tracks,” each consisting of six individual sounds that have been prepared separately in advance. The composition of the six individual sounds is then determined by the color information being received through the devices camera. The app is an exploration of a different approach to composing an album. The mechanical device looks at how the album can be replayed by the city.

For installation during the final thesis exhibition, colored vinyl bands were designed to reflect the colors of the city one would typically find while looking down at various curbs, graphics, messages, lines and other surfaces.