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Dogtown Lights – Audio Reactive Seating
Cathedral to Aquatic Sonification – Immersive Installation
Sunday MASS – Mechanism for Actualizing Speculative Soundscapes – Live #NautreSound Performance
Isle Royale – Listening Beyond the Edge
Buoy Music. 2020 Reboot. More Sensors. Better System.
Hear Below: Listening to Chicago Underground.
Isle Royale National Park. Artist-in-Residence Website.
Critical Listening in a Divergent Wilderness. Workshop in Joshua Tree National Park.
Listening Bus Tour. Ames, IA
Acoustic Ecology @ Iowa Lakeside Lab on Iowa Public Television
Water Quality Xylophone
Based on a True Story: From Rural Northwest Iowa to Downtown Des Moines
Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism
Listen Right Here: DSM. Des Moines Art Center Iowa Artist.
Parts Per Million [Interactive Cassettes 01]
Listening Instruments Invention Workshop and Soundwalk @ the Des Moines Art Center
Listening in Bogong Village Cassette
Heritage Listening @ Black Contemporary
Solo Exhibition: Grand View University
Buoy Music: Sonification of West Okoboji Lake Monitoring Data
Listening Walk. Mt Beauty, Victoria, Australia
Junction Dam. Listening at the Intersection of Nature & Community
From Memory: Liver performance of Sonified NASA Solar Data
Sonic Fictions & Sonic Forms Workshop
Alert Fatigue
Noisolation Headphones
Synesthetic Din
See Also: Noise. Cassette Release.
See Also: Noise. Cassette Release.

This independent cassette release contains a collection of tracks composed entirely using found noise from the urban environment. Each of the six tracks is an audio exploration of a synonym for the word “Noise.” The collection developed as part of a research process investigating alternate methods for transforming noises from a variety of environments into something differently familiar.

Track List:
side a:
1] commotion
2] tumult
3] din

side b:
4] cacophony
5] bedlam
6] pandemonium

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A limited number of copies of this professionally duplicated and printed cassette are still available for $5, the cost of shipping and materials.
Contact me here or Venmo me @ AlexBraidwood with the comment See Also: Noise