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Dogtown Lights – Audio Reactive Seating – Opening Night
Dogtown Lights Audio-reactive Seating Play
Audio Reactive Chair – Prototype
AI Listening
MASS @ GLASS in Saskatchewan, CA
MASS @ Mdw Fair Assembly – Chicago
Des Moines Art Week – Branded Promo Generation Tool
Aquatic Sonification – Immersive Experience Circuits Build
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2022 Des Moines Art Week – Generative Type Branding Play
Aquatic Sonification Prototype & Proposal
Live for Sound Pedro
Live – Experimental Sound Studio – The Quarantine Concerts
Full Show – Sunday MASS – Live NatureSound Experiments – 2021.02.21 – Favs + New Vinyl
Sunday MASS – Live NatureSound Experiments – 2021-02-07 – Favs So Far
Sunday MASS – Live NatureSound Experiments – FIRE Sounds
Public Art Ornament Downtown Scavenger Hunt Documentary Video
NatureWav – Sunday MASS – Experiments – Fire
Local 5 News – Public Art – Downtown Des Moines – Ornament Scavenger Hunt
NatureWav – Sunday MASS – Track 5 – Let The World Fade
NatureWav – Live – Sunday MASS – 2020.12.13 – Ambient 2nd Movement
Live Performance / Artist Talk – World of Co Residency
Sunday MASS No. 03 – Full
Dawn Chorus as Live Performance Compositional Structure
NatureWav – Live – Sunday MASS – 2020.11.22 – 2nd Movement
2020.11.18 – NatureWav – IR Play – Experiments for Live Naturesound Streaming
2020.11.17 – NatureWav – IR Play – Experiments for Live Naturesound Streaming
Sunday Mass – Experiments with Naturesound
Acoustic Remedy. World of Co Residency.
Community Viz Play – New Initiative Branding
MCAD – Teaching Place Conference Presentation – Acoustic Ecology at Iowa Lakeside Lab
Sound Pedro 2020. Live LA Harbor wind + wave data sonification performance.
Interacting w/ Nature Sound – Virtual Course 2020
Design Sermon: Adaptation
Design + Science + Montana Wilderness
Quotidian {Virtual} Conclave.
Design Sermon. Self-care.
Adding 1 dimension to my prints
Design Sermon. Errors.
Design Sermon. Errors. Process 002
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#ISUGD Typography 2. Generative composition demo 01.
Learning some new tech. The results are getting fun.
Class demo. Processing. Pink Noise
Design Sermon. Learning. Get comfortable with discomfort. Ask dumb questions
IRAIR. Sound + Wolf/Moose Data.
Typography Class. HTML CSS Type Play. 01
Design Sermon. Grades. Chase the Right Carrot(s)
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Meet the Scientists Day! At the Sanford Museum & Planetarium.
Hear Below. Chicago. CAA2020
Chicago Soundwalk. Hear Below. CAA2020 + SAIC + MWSAE.
IRAIR. oF Video Test 01.
Buoy Music Reboot. Selected Sensors. End to end.
Buoy Music Reboot. OF->Max4Live.
Buoy Music Reboot. More Sensors. Better OF->JSON
Alluvial Brewing. Alter Ego Party Poster
Design Sermon: Practice. I’ve Never Seen Players Do Burpees in Games.
Design Sermon: Creativity. Is not Evenly Distributed
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Design Sermon: Process. All Rotten Milk is not Cheese
Design Sermon: Process. All Rotten Milk is not Cheese. Type Play
30 seconds of nature sound. The Bunker
Design Sermon: Attendance. Show Up. Do Work.
Alluvial Brewing. NYE Poster
Terrain Biennial. Iowa City, IA
60 Seconds of Nature Sound: Lakeside Lab Thunderstorm
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area
West Okoboji Lake. Buoy Data Collection. Reboot.
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Fourmile Lake
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Badlands. Dawn Chorus
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Badlands. Prairie Dog City
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Badlands. Bison Grazing
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Badlands. Bison Charge
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Kettelson Hogsback
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Freda Haffner Kettle Hole
Wearable Design Show. Audio Reactive Typography
Coding Type
See the Signs
The box isn’t garbage, but the fonts are
Middle School Sound Collage Workshop De-type-tus
Rurally Great Collage Workshop with some Rurally Great Middle School Kids
Invited to Present at the Iowa Arts Council’s Iowa Arts Summit
Listening Instruments Invention Workshop @ Iowa State 4H Summer Camp
Listening in Los Angeles
ISU Graphic Design Social Club Designerd Workshop
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2016 DSM Mini-Maker Fair at Science Center for Iowa
GLEON 18: Using Lake Data to Teach Designers about Code
Sunday MASS No. 03 – Full

Spending time outdoors in different forms of wilderness and traveling to various places in pursuit of capturing natural soundscapes has been a large part of my art practice for the past several years. With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, this all had to change. Opportunities were postponed or canceled, locations became inaccessible, and the idea of physical travel increasingly feels like an alien concept. The cognitive shift from one virtual site to another without the benefit of changing spaces or time for transport has created a different relationship to place, memory, and connection.

Sunday MASS is an attempt to explore this sense of dis-location and bring more outdoor places to folx’s indoor spaces through a series of speculative soundscapes, performed live every week. These soundscapes are based on field recordings but edited and composed to create a new sense of acoustic place.

Each Sunday is a new exploration of a particular place – layered, stretched, warped, looped, and composed – to find spaces for calm, reflection, focus, energy, and an auditory sense of how large things truly are. It’s a remix of space and intent. As humans have greater influence in a place, the sounds become increasingly chaotic. This is the majority of what one experiences when thinking of naturesound. And yet, there is still value in this listening experience.

By introducing different structural elements, the sounds are allowed to fall in time with methods for listeners to relate in a more immediate sense of composition, texture, and repetition. The repetition is valuable as it provides a sense of comfort, of ease, of familiarity. It allows for focus and exploration within the sounds as they create a new place to be with the listening experience virtually. The investigation of the sounds by the listener is allowed to continue through these repeated forms. Sound is fleeting by its very nature. There is no freeze-frame in audio. To understand audio – to spend time with a given sound – is to listen multiple times with focus and intent. This rich engagement can be possible more often than we allow, and these compositions highlight this by building new, fictitious locations to situate our attention.

These are the soundscapes of a speculative place, built from the real to develop the fantastic, using the energy and content of a dawn chorus as the conceptual model for composition. The dawn chorus begins just before first light in near silence with the presence of insects and other small sounds before picking up the intense energy of mating and territorial vocalizations to continue through sunrise and then settle back down into the structure of the day. This slow growth, space-filling energy, and interweaving structure define each live performance session’s overall approach.

The phenomenological new realities are as surreal, as fiction-full and friction-full as our newfound, deeper connections to our daily spaces, internal places, physical orientations, and mental dis-locations. We are on loop. Our problems are now in some ways coming when we attempt to break this loop too soon before it is safe. Stay in the loop until it’s ok to exit. Keep in mind; your nearest exit may not be behind you. Damn, I miss traveling.