Artist Statement
I am interested in the idea that negotiating noise is a condition of living in a populated urban environment. The noise is primarily a result of the resources, services and activities that make our modern way of living possible. Certain noises are even necessary in order to orient oneself and safely navigate within this space. As a result, my work is not interested in the cancellation or elimination of noise. That just isn't feasible. Instead, my work explores the relationships that people have with noise and investigates ways in which these relationships can be transformed. I draw inspiration from a variety of fields including biology, sociology, architecture, civic planning, politics, sound studies and music theory in order to develop the questions that my projects explore. This process of using and conducting research in order to develop functional experiments is the cornerstone of my artistic practice. Inspired and informed by this research, I use a variety of media, platforms, formats, techniques and technologies to create critical investigations. I enjoy learning and I enjoy making. My favorite is learning in order to make and then making in order to learn. This is my process of research-through-making. Throughout this process, it is important to me that I am the author of as many aspects of the work as possible. I learn and discover a great deal in the act of creation, no matter how small or rough an experiment is. These moments of discovery are of great importance to me. Building on these moments, my work develops into objects, installations and sonic experiences for a variety of contexts from live performance to downloadable mobile apps and even a series of tracks released on cassette tape. Through engaging with this work, the listener's relationship to the noise that surrounds them changes. The noise becomes less undesirable, in some cases beautiful, by being rendered differently familiar.