Getting started: Reflections on Isolation and Cancellation

Reflections on Isolation and cancellation. #IRAIR – @isleroyaleNPS Artist-in-Residence

Isolation is a time for growth for me. Our current status of social distancing & my decision to remain completely isolated on my property for the past couple of weeks have provided a great deal of time for introspection. I’ve had the luxury of being able to slow down, focus, and reflect on my values and priorities. I know I have a lot of privileges & I am grateful for each of them.

One of these privileges is that I am able to travel & have been afforded some great opportunities to do so for a variety of reasons. I rely on this travel for my own well-being. The trips are important for my work and for my own satisfaction with the direction life has gone.

As my summer plans for engaging with nature are slowly being postponed and canceled, I need a way to process these feelings of loss. During this time, I need something to do related to the outdoors. 

So for my now, my answer is going to be to revisit another time when I was isolated in the wilderness in a productive and valuable way. I am going to use this as inspiration to dig back into my time as 2019 Artist-in-Residence on Isle Royale Nat’l Park.

I have not shared much online about that experience, partially because of how powerful & personal it was. I didn’t feel like a couple of lo-res insta-later-grams would do it justice. However, I am now excited by the idea of bringing parts of my IRAIR narrative that I haven’t shared yet to my social feeds. 

I 1/2 jokingly refer to this all as social ME-dia but maybe sharing some of the nature-based experiences I had on Isle Royale will at least be interesting to some or at best, be valuable for even just one other person 💚