Getting started: Reflections on Isolation and Cancellation

Reflections on Isolation and cancellation. #IRAIR – @isleroyaleNPS Artist-in-Residence Isolation is a time for growth for me. Our current status of social distancing & my decision to remain completely isolated on my property for the past couple of weeks have provided a great deal of time for introspection. I’ve had the luxury of being able […]

Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

A good portion of being outdoors in the elements, backpacking, living in a remote rustic cabin, chasing dawn recordings, hiking with gear, etc is uncomfortable. I am taking steps to work on these discomforts now.

Preparing to Live in a Cabin that is not on any Maps

Part of the draw of this residency for me is the remoteness and the isolation. As I am starting to identify what gear to bring for both the adventure but also to be the most productive during my time there, I am finding myself increasingly excited about the prospects and potential for being in such […]

Least Visited, Most Re-Visited

This is the tagline for Isle Royale National Park. It’s the least visited National Park. However, it is the MOST REvisited national park. Amazing. It is remote. It is isolated. It is difficult to get to with the various fairy schedules. The amenities are wonderfully thin. But once you’re there, it gets inside you. And […]

Statement of Purpose

This is the statement of purpose that I submitted when applying. I want to keep it here as a reminder of who I got the opportunity but also of the expectations I have set for myself.

My Application Video

This is the video that I submitted as part of my application for the residency.

Accepted! Also: About this Site

I’ve been accepted as one of three artists-in-residence for the 2019 Isle Royale National Park Artist-in-Residence Program!