Design Sermon: Creativity. Coding Typography Play

These are some of the results generated by code written in processing to be used in the poster for my Design Sermon titled: Creativity is not Evenly Distributed

The program writes the word “creativity” using a randomly selected font and various parameters related to kerning and tracking to generate vector files.

Community Viz Play – New Initiative Branding
MCAD – Teaching Place Conference Presentation – Acoustic Ecology at Iowa Lakeside Lab
Sound Pedro 2020. Live LA Harbor wind + wave data sonification performance.
Interacting w/ Nature Sound – Virtual Course 2020
Design Sermon: Adaptation
Design + Science + Montana Wilderness
Quotidian {Virtual} Conclave.
Design Sermon. Self-care.
Adding 1 dimension to my prints
Design Sermon. Errors.
Design Sermon. Errors. Process 002
Design Sermon. Errors. Process 001
#ISUGD Typography 2. Generative composition demo 01.
Learning some new tech. The results are getting fun.
Class demo. Processing. Pink Noise
Design Sermon. Learning. Get comfortable with discomfort. Ask dumb questions
IRAIR. Sound + Wolf/Moose Data.
Typography Class. HTML CSS Type Play. 01
Design Sermon. Grades. Chase the Right Carrot(s)
Design Sermon. Grades. Code Play w/ Student GPAs
Meet the Scientists Day! At the Sanford Museum & Planetarium.
Hear Below. Chicago. CAA2020
Chicago Soundwalk. Hear Below. CAA2020 + SAIC + MWSAE.
IRAIR. oF Video Test 01.
Buoy Music Reboot. Selected Sensors. End to end.
Buoy Music Reboot. OF->Max4Live.
Buoy Music Reboot. More Sensors. Better OF->JSON
Alluvial Brewing. Alter Ego Party Poster
Design Sermon: Practice. I’ve Never Seen Players Do Burpees in Games.
Design Sermon: Creativity. Is not Evenly Distributed
Design Sermon: Creativity. Coding Typography Play
Design Sermon: Process. All Rotten Milk is not Cheese
Design Sermon: Process. All Rotten Milk is not Cheese. Type Play
30 seconds of nature sound. The Bunker
Design Sermon: Attendance. Show Up. Do Work.
Alluvial Brewing. NYE Poster
Terrain Biennial. Iowa City, IA
60 Seconds of Nature Sound: Lakeside Lab Thunderstorm
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area
West Okoboji Lake. Buoy Data Collection. Reboot.
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Fourmile Lake
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Badlands. Dawn Chorus
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Badlands. Prairie Dog City
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Badlands. Bison Grazing
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Badlands. Bison Charge
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Kettelson Hogsback
30 Seconds of Nature Sound: Freda Haffner Kettle Hole
Wearable Design Show. Audio Reactive Typography
Coding Type
See the Signs
The box isn’t garbage, but the fonts are
Middle School Sound Collage Workshop De-type-tus
Rurally Great Collage Workshop with some Rurally Great Middle School Kids
Invited to Present at the Iowa Arts Council’s Iowa Arts Summit
Listening Instruments Invention Workshop @ Iowa State 4H Summer Camp
Listening in Los Angeles
ISU Graphic Design Social Club Designerd Workshop
Support Your Local Creative Economy
All my hashtags on FB (via IG)
Just wash your fucking hands
2016 DSM Mini-Maker Fair at Science Center for Iowa
GLEON 18: Using Lake Data to Teach Designers about Code