Presenting & Exhibiting at Teaching Place, a conference at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Presenting “Teaching soundscape, acoustic ecology, and sustainability”
Saturday, June 6, 2020
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 2501 Stevens Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
Register here

Meet the Scientist Day @ Sanford Museum & Planetarium

Invited to present Acoustic Ecology work from Iowa Lakeside Lab as one of the presenters at this Iowa museum’s 2020 Meet the Scientist Day

Hear Below. Chicago Soundwalk

As part of CAA 2020. Included several pairs of Listening Instruments modified headphones as listeners explored the underground pedway

Advances in Eco-sensing and the Soundscape

A panel at CAA 2020 with some amazing international acoustic ecologists and sound artists from

Water Scholars. Art & the Environment Presentation

Spoke at the January meeting of the Iowa State University Water Scholars, a university learning community I’m part of

2019 Terrain Biennial. Iowa City.

Presented a new, site-specific reactive piece titled Listening on Jefferson St as part of Terrain Biennial Iowa City

Workshop: Critical Listening in a Divergent Wilderness

May 25th in California’s Morongo Valley as part of the Space Saloon FIELDWORKS design-build festival!

Isle Royale Nat’l Park Artist-in-Residence

It was announced that I have been selected as a 2019 Artist in Residence on Isle Royale National Park! Three artists were selected from a very competitive application process of over 130 applicants from all over the world. This is a dream opportunity coming true.

Listening Bus Tour, Ames, IA

Saturday, March 30 was an amazing day for a Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism Listening Tour of Ames, IA. Thanks to all who came out and to Bryan Clendenen for the great documentation!

Speaking at Nerd Nite in Ames at DGs Tap House

This might be the closest I get to being a rockstar. Gave a talk called:
Listen Right Here: A Sermon on Sound, Art, & Acoustic Ecology
to an audience of mostly scientists

I have been elected to the Board of Directors for the Midwest Society of Acoustic Ecology

Learn more about the group’s work on their website

2018 International Artists Day at Gilmore City Bradgate Middle School, Gilmore Iowa

Honored to have been invited to do a workshop with these amazing kids whose funding for art classes had been completely cut in recent years. See more of the results here and please keep voting people into office who will support the arts as an important part of a child’s education.

Yale Radio – Museum of Non-Visible Art Interview

Available online here

Invited to Present Listening Instruments Invention Workshop at the 2018 Iowa Arts Council’s Iowa Arts Summit

See more here!

Acoustic Ecology Class on IPTV’s Iowa Outdoors

My Acoustic Ecology class at the Iowa Lakeside Lab was featured on an episode of Iowa Public Television’s Iowa Outdoors. Watch the episode here

Water Quality Xylophone featured on Iowa’s KCCI

Watch the video here

Water Quality Xylophone featured on WHOTV Channel 13 News

Watch the story here

I was elected Education Director of AIGA Iowa

I am really excited about this 2 year term and the opportunities to connect design education and the profession. Find out more here

Invited to present my work at the intersection of art, science, and nature as part of the Science Center of Iowa’s Cafe Scientfique

More about this lecture series is available here and you can hear more about the work I discussed on Iowa Public Radio

Presenting Code for Designers at the International Digital Media Arts Association Conference

Learn more about iDMAa and their conference proceedings here

Iowa State Daily Interview about my Max Ames Fest installation

Available online here

Iowa Public Radio Interview – Listen Right Here: DSM

The interview by John Pemble can be heard online here

I’ve been announced as a 2016 Iowa Artist through the Des Moines Art Center

The Des Moines Art Center is the most prestigious art institution in the state of Iowa. This is a huge honor

Iowa Public Radio – Talk of Iowa with Charity Nebbe

Interviewed about the Buoy Music project. The full interview, originally aired live, can be heard online here

KHOI Heart of Iowa Radio Interview

Available online here

Selected as first non-Australian Artist-in-Residence at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture

Learn more about the Residency program on the BCSC website

Presented Listening Instruments at the Media in Transition 8 Conference at MIT in Boston

The theme for the conference was Public Media, Private Media and you can find more about the conference online here

Noisolation Headphones Featured on Los Angele’s KTLA

The full segment can be viewed online here (I love the segue afterwards back at the anchor desk)

Southern California’s NPR station created a short documentary video about the Noisolation Headphones

The full video can be seen online here

Buoy Music. 2020 Reboot. More Sensors. Better System.

After creating the initial buoy music project, the number of sensors on the buoy in West Okoboji Lake increased. After the upgrade, data was available from the surface to the bottom of the lake from an array of spaced-out sensors. This new reboot utilizes these sensors. The system was also updated to be more efficient, more portable, and create more opportunities for exploring compositions.

Hear Below: Listening to Chicago Underground.

Hear Below: Listening to Chicago Underground is a free, public soundwalk to explore Chicago’s pedway system with our ears, led by Eric Leonardson, Christophe Preissing, and Alex Braidwood and his Listening Instruments. This event is part of CAA 2020

Isle Royale National Park. Artist-in-Residence Website.

I have created this website to capture the experience of being an artist-in-residence at Isle Royale National Park. The site will be updated as I prepare for the time on the island, make posts while I am there, and continue to make work inspired by my time there.

Critical Listening in a Divergent Wilderness. Workshop in Joshua Tree National Park.

Acoustic Ecology is a relatively new field emerging at the intersection of a variety of disciplines and being defined by a variety of issues. A portion of this workshop will be focused on exploring the roles acoustic ecology can play in the designing, building, and experiencing of different environments. This will allow participants to transform […]

Listening Bus Tour. Ames, IA

A Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism Listening Bus Tour in Ames, Iowa

AS SEEN ON TV: Acoustic Ecology @ Iowa Lakeside Lab

Throughout this course, students will explore a variety of tactics for exploring, documenting and analyzing the soundscape at various locations surrounding Lakeside Lab and beyond.

Water Quality Xylophone

An interactive public art sculpture that sonifies nearby water quality data and allows participants to play the data on the resulting instrument.

Based on a True Story: From Rural Northwest Iowa to Downtown Des Moines

Based on a True Story May 18 – August 11, 2018 Octagon Center for the Arts – Sweeney Gallery Sound is an important aspect of the world around us. It tells a great deal about our surroundings when we take the time to listen. Listening requires time to experience because sound requires time to exist. […]

Bureau of Infrastructure Tourism

Providing listening tours of infrastructure noise and acoustically rich non-spaces in the built environment.

Listen Right Here: DSM. Des Moines Art Center Iowa Artist.

An urban soundscape exploration completed during my year as an Iowa Artist through the Des Moines Art Center.

Parts Per Million [Interactive Cassettes 01]

An interactive installation exploring a years worth of Des Moines River nitrate levels in relationship to Iowa nature sounds.

Listening Instruments Invention Workshop and Soundwalk @ the Des Moines Art Center

A listening focused design and exploration workshop for folks of all ages.

Listening in Bogong Village Cassette

A nature sound exploration released as a cassette with digital download on Maximum Ames Records

Heritage Listening @ Black Contemporary

A sonic exploration of unfarmed land in Iowa, installed in a dormant seed dryer located on a heritage farm.

Solo Exhibition: Grand View University

This solo exhibition in Grand View University’s Prairie Meadow Gallery represented various works form the previous 3 years of audio recording and acoustic ecology explorations from around the world

Buoy Music

Sonification of sensor data collected from the Lakeside Lab research buoy located in West Lake Okaboji in northwest Iowa.

Listening Walk. Mt Beauty, Victoria, Australia

This listening walk was part of my time as the artist in residence at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture and featured use of the modified headphones.

Junction Dam. Listening at the Intersection of Nature & Community

An installation in Bogong Village’s Junction Dam exploring the impact of man on the natural environment of the Alpine National Park. Bogong Centre for Sound Culture. Victoria, Australia.

From Memory

A data-driven live performance as part of Grin City Culture Lab’s theatrical production sonifying data that NASA is collecting via two satellites orbiting the sun.

Sonic Fictions & Sonic Forms Workshop

A workshop exploring sound recording, experimental composition, design principles, and interactive art.

Alert Fatigue

An installation using circuit-bent smoke alarms to explore the soundscape we design through the introduction of sonic alerts and the increasing tendency to ignore them.

Noisolation Headphones

An invention for mechanically transforming the relationship between a person and the sounds that immediately surround them.

Synesthetic Din

An interactive trolly system invented to allow a mobile device to perform visual information from the environment by manipulating a series of noise compositions.

See Also: Noise. Cassette Release.

A cassette containing a series of noise tracks composed entirely using found sounds from various urban environments. The collection developed as part of a research process investigating alternate methods for transforming noises from a variety of environments into something differently familiar.